Saturday, 19 May 2012

the way (page 8 )

source: Ruhani's blog

In the black and white
of life, often, I find 
way towards its Grey

dear diary

 I was just browsing my net when I saw this picture . Its a part of mind blowing may .
well I am not so sure if  it is in sync with it , but well it just ' inspired ' these lines out of me!
The fact that its a black an white picture and of a car that obviously moves on a road ( rather way ) was the probable reason I guess. well you just have to be inspired right ??:D:D:D

school girl


  1. In the black and white
    of life, often, I find
    way towards its Grey
    That further led me
    to way of contrast shades :)

    Stay inspired!
    I am missing you at my blog :(

  2. yes school girl.. you are right..