Monday, 16 April 2012

birthday wish (page 2)

Dear Diary

We haven't met  since long .In fact It was just yesterday evening when we struck up an conversation on FB that we came to know about each other  personally. Also did I come to know that she is turning sweet 16 today!
Its so funny that we two being of the same age group are two standards apart!!! ..haha..I wonder how is that possible!!!! Yet in the little time span we have interacted , I know she is a lovely person and a sweet friend!

Dear Simran
On your 16th birthday , I have got 17 sweet wishes for you as a present!
10 which every one will wish you :-
May you:
1.  have many more such lovely birthdays
2.  keep smiling always. :D
3. achieve many more laurels in writing
4. achieve success in every field of life
5.  have Good health and the continued good health of your loved ones.
6. life filled with every colour of happiness
7. enjoy every second of life
8. achieve peace and harmony
9. find many lovely friends .
10.  be in a better relationship with God

now 6 more special wishes!!!  :-

11. most memorable birthday party ever!
12. most awesomest gifts!
13. a week without homework! (not a month , it is just not possible)
14. longer summer vacations! :P:P
15. relief from Examinations! ( for a little while at least! )
16.A week's  unlimited access to T.V.!! (you will know what I mean ...let your academic session take a perfect flow!! )
And the last one......a 200% hike in the monthly pocket money !!!!!!! :P:P:P

source :simran's facebook picture

hahaha.....hope you are Going to like them!!:D:D:D:D
See you are smiling already!!! ..hey and don't forget my share of birthday cake!  I am not gonna leave it in any manner! :P :D
wish you a very happy birthday my new dear friend !!!

school girl


  1. Hey Aishwarya, so lovely, so cute, so sweeet.......loved a lot..:).

    (this mohini little one's sis.:)

    1. hey, mohini!!so happy that you liked it! :D !!!
      do keep visiting by ! :)

  2. I'm so happy being one of the part of your school diary :-)
    Thank you so much for such beautiful sweet wishes .... and with those 6 I'm going to do bang :P ;) LOL

    Blessed to have so loving friend ...
    Thank you so much for making my day so special! :-)
    Love you

    Mohini - awww :) love ya sisy!

    1. yup!! have a bang with them!!
      happy birthday sweetie! :D

  3. Aish... you are so sweeeetttttttttttt.............. Glad you penned this.. beautiful wish to little one.. :-)

    Someone is Special

    1. thanks a lot SIS!!! .. I am happy that you liked it!!!! :) :) :):)