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                                     To Murthy,
 A man who once said, “Dreams take us accross”
points u to the hanging path,
that asks you to hear the calling of the cross.

                                                                                    -Your soul mate

It was this letter that surprised Mr. murthy
Who was this person who claimed to be his soul mate? His Menakshi? Definitely not! Or was she? That just was not possible his wife has been dead a lot many years.

But then what was this letter doing here? And for God’s sake why couldn’t he or she, whoever may be, spell the spellings right. Mr. Murthy  found a few many things irritating and wrong spellings were one of them.
It made him think. Probably he was being duped? Perhaps it was just another practical joke of these youngsters who knew short cut to everything including spellings? Hmm.., that could be a probability, which could explain the spellings too.
He exhaled deeply and tried to rationalize, no, he didn’t felt that could be possible. They feared him enough not to dare do such thing.
Ahh! Why was he caring anyway? The letter was not threatening. But then, he knew his curiosity would always win.

He examined the letter again, this time trying to read between the lines a bit more carefully. After all it was his job for a certain period, even if it was long ago.
He read the first line. That was odd; he had heard such an expression somewhere. Anyways, it was clear that the letter was a direction to the apparent soul-mate.
He looked out, it seemed to be a good evening for a walk, he thought and so he picked up his walking stick and the letter.

While walking, he started thinking again about the first line. He felt he knew something and he was missing it. But what was it? Was he even going in the right direction? It was then that he realized, he wasn’t. He now knew what the line indicated. And soon after, walking on the right path, he reached a statue of a man colored black, with one hand on his back and the other, pointing somewhere. Below it the line ‘A man who once said, “Dreams take us across”’ was carved in the stone. Mr. Murthy very well knew where the next line indicated as well. He was laughing to himself, so Ms. Soulmate; you really thought you could puzzle me for long? He quickly paced towards the river; the ‘hanging path’ was the bridge, definitely. He smiled knowing only the last line remain between him and the sender.

At the other end of the Bridge he started considering the last line, ‘that asks you to hear the calling of the cross’. He frowned. Now what did this line mean? His familiarity with the area of the town was just widening up the options. Could it be something that relates with ‘cross’? The cross road? The Holy Cross school? He read again the whole line this time. Calling of the cross? The realization dawned him soon. Of course!, what else could it mean. Was the person deliberately keeping it easy or he couldn’t do any better? Once again he was back on the track. It lead to the church.

In the 20 minutes that took him to reach the church he again thought about the sender who signed it as soul mate. Was she a woman? If yes, why was she using such a silly name, and what could she really want? It didn’t matter, he thought, for he was to know it soon enough. He wouldn’t be surprised if it was some silly woman was trying to catch his attention. He knew well that he was an aged man, but a rich one and others knew that too. The sender did surprise him eventually.

“Garry, what are you doing here?”, enquired Mr. Murthy rather surprised but quickly added happily “oh! I am so glad to see you, when did you return?”. “Yesterday night, how are you my old man?” said Garry,   certainly pleased to see his dear old friend as happy as he was.
“So it was you who did all this! Why, you could have had just walked in my house, I would have been just the same happy like now”
“and let my entry be less than unusual? Nonsense!” answered Garry mockingly, “also I wanted both of us to meet at the very same place we started off.”
Mr. Murthy nodded in agreement. “I understand this”, he said, “but not why did you sign it off in this way?”pointing towards the letter.
Garry looked quizzical and took the note to examine it. When he noticed what his friend meant, he embarrassingly answered, “oh! I meant SOLE – MATE, your only friend, or so you used to call me buddy”
Mr. Murthy could only stare back.
“In my defense” Garry added, “I never really too good with spellings ,as you were”
Well, they both couldn’t stop laughing after that. 

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  1. Hehehe :P Now that was funny ;) Though the title kind of dampens the twist.

    1. Yes, I guess so. I should have thought of something else. Thanks Leo :D

  2. Wow! that was interesting, Ash :D
    The spelling chakkar ;)

  3. Light hearted yet gripping!

    All the best for BAT50.

  4. Very interesting tale, Ash! A letter, typos, and a sweet reunion. Liked it ..

    Thanks for writing after a long gap :D

    Someone is Special

    1. Thanks buddy :D
      Oh! I always wanted to participate! :D

  5. had a smile reading the story. Good one :)

  6. old friends are perfect soulmates or sole mate as in this case, beautifully written

    My Blogaton#50 post Soulmates

    Now Following your blog

  7. Hahahaha... a different take on the prompt... May be changing the title could keep the twist intact. Just a thought. :)


    1. I should have thought better ! Never mind!

  8. A nice story indeed! Good break from all the soul-mates!

  9. Very very pleasant. Thanks for sharing. ATB for BAT.

  10. That was intriguing :) An amazing twist. I was wondering if it would be some old lady who loved this guy when they were young :P But the ending was much better than what I thought it to be. That was lovely. ATB dear (y) :)

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