Tuesday, 1 May 2012

the paper (page 6)

"Come daddy ...come back.....Yes Louisa ..my daughter ....I am coming......Wait! Don't go...Quick daddy , quick hold my hands ..Oh no...i cant... the light is sucking me! ....nooooo"

' Louisa ' his dry  throat screamed and he woke up to the harsh reality. The scorching sun of the desert was up again." am I still alive ?" thought  he.He stood up and started walking towards a never ending, directionless, monotonous desert.

It was his 6th day since he was officially ' missing' in the police records and there was no clue of him any where.The search team had now reduced the intensity of the search operations . They now even doubted his survival. With no water and food there was hardly any possibility of him being alive anymore.

All he had  been doing was walking since last five days after the lost his way in the seamless desert  and now the dearth of water and food was overshadowing his will power.For long all his sole motivation and strength was hid daughter Louisa and wife. He wished to return back to them, but now

It was afternoon and still there was no sign of life , humans any where . The fact that he was dying was now hovering him and he hated the struggle. " God  , why me?I want to give up , I cant take it any more " he thought.
" no dad ,  keep walking ...." he heard a hollow voice from behind " come on Charley , we are waiting ...Quick dad  .."
But as he turned back , he saw no more than a vast stretch of sand and a blue horizon.A stark fear chilled through his spine. " what was it ? , what is happening "  he thought ,but kept walking in fear. He was hallucinating.

" Oh no ! I cant take it anymore !, I am sorry Louisa I cant " he said to  himself, seeing the sun go down with no sign of any human around and fell no his knees .He had given up . " now no more struggle ... oh God please , please take your decision fast."And for awhile he felt the whole world blackening and then
 " daddy ,daddy "
 the words started haunting him , hovering all around him, capturing all his senses , paralyzing his soul." nooo" he shouted unable to take up the voice , with what ever residual energy he had.

source: ruhani's blog
' thud' he felt something on his face , that drew him back from all his thoughts back to reality.The wind blew something on his face.

 It was a small poster.
He kept staring at the piece of paper for a few seconds ,and then it dawned upon him. A POSTER!!!!!  humans at last!!!!!!!!!!

 Far away  near the unison of the setting Sun and the grey sky  were two little sparks of light  that kept on coming closer.Road at last!

 and he knew he was saved.


 dear diary
 liked the above story ??? well it is inspired from the pic  above.
It often happens that when we are on the verge of giving  up, we succeed . well it happens with me at least. like last year I thought I wont make it up in the finals of debate comp. but I did..nd bagged the 2nd position too!!!! :D:D

God always offers us a second chance . ....we have to be patient enough. 



  1. Hey school girl/ashzzes nice story you have written. Quite inspiring :)

    1. awee..thanks a lot! .and welcome to my blog. :):)
      happy to have you as my third follower! :D:D

  2. God do that always.. OMG! I loved this story a lot ashzzes.. Uff, a story on belief, daughter's love and 'don't give up' attitude.. Thanks for inspiring us.

  3. thank you SIS!
    so glad that you liked it! :D:D