Sunday, 22 July 2012

forest trail

The forest trial I chose,
was the one
filled with undergrowth.
In the beginning
just the shrubbery grew aside
but soon the forest intensified.
and my path too
that once laid straight
started meandering
over the woods.
as I proceeded
 the way forked by,

and the  vegetation
started darkening the sky.

Every turn  and diverge
had something mystical to reveal
let it be scary darkness or
beautiful mist that prevailed.
the trail continued and
I followed.

On one such turn
a lane came by
that traveled parallel to mine.
and for long
the path came along
but now, I can see
another fork, another turn
although guarded by thick undergrowth

what will be the next,
I don't know
will the path stay ..
or go away????

with desperate feet and throbbing heart
I moved a few steps
on the capricious path
I tilt my back to glance across...
all I could see
was a light so divine
it drenched my soul
and last till eternity...!


dear diary
I clearly remember why did I pen this down , when did I pen this down and where did I pen this down. Even a whole blissful  year couldn't  fade away the memories so strongly embedded ! Its the first poem I had ever written down.I really dont know if it is good enough or not ,yet Its the most special one for me.I wrote it for someone, lets call him Maggi .  I guess wrote it down because of the fact that I wanted to say so much , yet felt a little deficit of words. I didn't mail it to him on that day due to my uncertainties.guess I should have.To day  on his birthday many things have changed , but the uncertainty is still there , I don't know why .

dear Maggi
I just wanna say that you were the very first reason to write and even now you are the one. long before I started writing down in this blog ,I used to write down for you . I didnt have the courage to tell you that this poem was for you , nither do I have It today. I dont know if you will read all this or not but if you ever read this I want to tell you that even if I dont write great , it all began coz of you and hence I owe you a big * thank you * . Among  many meaning the poem convey , one of the things I wanted to tell you at that time and today is just that  you are one of the most beautiful parts of  my life , as always I dont know what the future is but I see it in the bright light of happiness and gay :)
 I sincerely expect nothing from you, but don't know why my heart always wipers silently 
"please don't go away just now, stay for a little more longer ...and if you want till eternity..I wont ever mind it  "
  happy birthday

 He is NOT my boyfriend!!!! & if you really wanna name our relationship let it be friendship, but for me the purest and most beautiful relationships are better left unnamed .


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  1. Of course, not always you can name a relationship, it is beautiful in its own way. I totally loved your write.. Keep writing..!

    Someone is Special

    1. Thanks Someone is special!!
      yup every relationship is beautiful in its own way :)
      M really glad that you like my writing, If it wont have been you and a few others on my 'always read my post' list , I wonder if I would have ever written things down.
      thanks again :D:D

  2. Awww aish!
    That's too cute!

    That was your first attempt in writing poetry! Amazing! I loved it...full of meaning, emotions.
    You have a pure - loving heart...let your heart flourish bliss all around :)
    Hmm... today I got to know the cutest reason behind the beauty of your poems.

    Keep Writing! And I wish he reads your beautiful creation .
    Lots of Love!

    1. super duper thanks dear :):)
      thanks a lot really !!!! ...cross fingers that he reads it.....but I I will be as red as cherry!!!! :P
      what more should I say ! just a little 'thank you' for reading my all write ups...and finding them beautiful :)

  3. It is a very pure and sincere write and one shud go ahead and tell the person who is the inspiration or even otherwise its always advised to express it right away
    Keep Writing !!!

    1. thanks a lot karan :D
      yup , guess will do it some day or latter!!

      yeah I will dear:)

  4. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.

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