Monday, 18 June 2012

do I have a right?

when the clouds of emptiness
hover over the eyes.
when the dark corner of loneliness bestow.

do I have a right to 
refuge in your arms ?
do I have a right to 
embrace you tight?

when the reminiscences
of those stinging words
unleashes those tearful cry's.

do I have a right to 
curse you?
do I have a right to 
recall you and fight?

when you promised me to 
be forever be mine.
when you left me shattered
with a wicked smile.

 did I have a right to 
question you why?
did I have a right to
call you mine?

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  1. That was painful... too painful!
    Liked the lucid description painting the whole scene in reader's mind so vivid.

    1. thank you dear.:D
      happy that the poem's emotions were well conveyed!:D

  2. BEE-rilliant! ;) Keep the fingers typing!

    1. thanks kappu :D
      glad that you liked it :D
      keep dropping by , I would love to hear your views on my different write-ups :D