Sunday, 5 August 2012

in the journey of waves

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Beneath the golden glow, silver light.
In the cradle of  soften sands,
 I move in zeal, for a journey
towards the stable lands.

with latent vivacity that underlies,
along with the sparkling surf of dreams,
filled with unkempt vitality , I rise.

 Capturing its peak ,the envisaged height,
with its mighty crust spread wide,
with bubbles mingling with air,
slowly , I subside. 

approaching the conclusion of the voyage I lead .
reaching my  exide, beginning another journey,
 passively into the anonymous, I recede.


dear diary

On basic notes , the poem simply depicts the journey of  wave of rising and then falling back ,but on a metamorphic note it depicts the different stages of life just from comfortable childhood to  vivid adult hood  to old age and then n the anonymous journey of death. Isn't life just like a wave? isn't the picture above depicting the very fact ? Well , I found it to be so. :)

school girl

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Credits Image - Shades of Orange by Harsha Chittar Courtesy - Curious Dino Photography via


  1. good stuff. I feel I am not equipped enough to comment on your poetic skills, but I liked what I read. I like the comparison you have drawn with waves.

    1. haha! Its my pleasure to know that you liked it kshitij :)
      thanks a lot:)

  2. comparing life to waves shows lot of thought...nice write
    best wishes for BAT

  3. That was nice. Reflecting about life through the journey of a wave.

  4. You made me remember sine waves with those peaks and crests! Nice way to relate a wave to life - no better way to describe life's ups and downs! ATB for BAT!

    Do stop by Deepa's Kaleidoscope!

    1. hehehe!!
      well that was a little beyond what I wanted to convey, yet I can relate with you very well :P
      thanks for the appreciation!
      will drop by soon :)

  5. Interesting poem from a different perspective. Beautifully penned.

    Leo - My Blog-a-Ton Story

    1. thanks a lot leo:D
      you suggested a beautiful pic:)

  6. good one. Interesting idea.

    1. thank you for liking :D
      glad that you found it interesting ! :D

  7. passively into anonymous i recede...good one !

  8. Good poem. Loved reading and enjoyed.

    1. thanks a lot aativas! glad you liked it :)
      keep visiting by :)
      would love it !

  9. Very different attempt from you school girl...Reflecting life.. Hmm.. Great one.. Do come and vote.. Also, do update the name of the blogger who introduced or inspired you to write for Blog-a-Ton

    Someone is Special

    1. Thanks so much SIS! so glad you liked IT !!! Was waiting for long to read this! :) :)
      And yeah ! have done that already !!!

  10. Excellent! Marvelous! Outstanding! and what not!
    One of your best writes ever! Loved everything! Your description, words, thought process and philosophical idea!

    My star! you are! :)

    1. awwweeeee ..... Simram ..:D
      You made me wait soooooooo long to hear from you!!!
      But can understand ..exams and all ?
      Thanks a lot dear :):):)

  11. Hello.
    You are way too young to have such deep reflections, but you write beautifully (smile) Nice imagery too. Thanks for sharing.

    If you have time, come join this month's Lovers' Cove Challenge currently ongoing over at my blog.

  12. Hi Andy dear :)
    Thanks ! Its my pleasure that you found my writing to be beautiful! a matter of fact that I am young ! (will take that as a compliment!)

    sure will drop by soon as possible! :D
    keep visiting :D

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