Friday, 27 April 2012

a peek into my heaven (page 5)

Dear Diary

Oh I am so obsessed with my garden !! ...I don't know why  though!guess its in my genetics .My mom loved gardening, my dad was also passionate about it. In fact majority of their old pics are somewhere or the other related to their once flourishing garden. I think that's how I learnt to appreciate the task of gardening. My fellow classmates often regard it as ' boring' ,'out dated' If only they knew the joys of it. 'Tiring' ,agree it is, yet nothing can beat the sweet feeling of seeing the baby seedling grow up in to a beautiful plant and flowers..........

 thought about sharing a few pics of my garden!

Roses ...can any thing beat their charm ???????

this is Calendula 

candy tuft

one of my Adenium 

wild flowers have their own charm ..... these two were uninvited yet beautiful guests ...

( I loved its colour )


school girl


  1. very sweet.. This is really so sweet. I do agree that it is sweet to see those flowers and particularly if it planted by you. Wow hats of to your love with flowers and garden.. keep enjoying and keep us updated school girl........

  2. Hey ashzzes,
    Wow beautiful pics from your garden.
    Me too love gardening of my fav. task...the sweet fragrance of soil and watching those flower dancing with the sprinkle of water ... love it! :D

    Will share my garden's pic too soon

  3. You have got a such a beautiful garden... though I have never seen it... But I can surely say that.
    I saw the pics of your flowers... they are the combination of freshness and beauty.. And I would love to see them in reality....!!!
    Well I really dunno when that day will come... But it will surely come...!!!!!! (: (: