Wednesday, 18 April 2012

loosing him (page 3)

Dear diary

I cant describe my feeling today. All I can say is that I lost him.  It was just an accident  Our encounter was so short lived yet my life seems to come to an halt without his presence, which makes me realize that how little things matter so much in life......hopefully this will convey my hearts voice more clearly..

It wasn't long
when I met you first.
My eyes met yours.
an instant 'click' .
feeling's sudden outburst
and I could make out,
It was perfect lust.

For time or two
together we stayed.
there were embedded 
many little charms,
a never ending , perpetual play.
 our interests same, we were
companions in every way.

Yet, when I thought I had
time to spare with you, plenty.
 the incident , the accident 
changed it all. the destiny
played its game, dirty.
Yet again , my hands 
free, vacant ,empty.

I was in school when a sudden push from my classmate startled me and my dear new pilot pen fell from hands!! ah if I only knew  ..I would have tightened my grip! I had bought it just this Saturday , and hardly written anything with it!! ...but I cant keep adoring  my handwriting just becomes more beautiful and full of curves with that pen. now when its gone my  palms feel deserted!

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Hmmmmm  It feels really bad when you loose a pen just when you buy it...!!!!! isn't it? I think I will buy a new one tomorrow. Hey , by the way what were you thinking about ???? :P :P :P ...LOLZZ

school girl


  1. I love it...!!
    You are such a beautiful writer and a poet!!!!
    Keep it up baby :)

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  3. Hey ashzzes!
    While reading your post I was serious..thought something went wrong and just when I read the description... Felt relax ...LOL :p :D
    Hmm.. well the same thing is with me too ... I feel so attached with my everything and if in some case it lost or destroy I feel sad...And that was a pilot pen of my sweet poetess! So there must the best one.. a new one..yeah? :)

    Nice poetry!

    School girl, your are going great ..
    Keep writing!

  4. I totally agree Little one here ash... I thought something went wrong but after reading that it was a pen, I feel ok.. Still, I could say you are right.. the best one from you.. Keep writing....!