Sunday, 22 April 2012

My sister (page 4)

Dear Diary

Today ,exactly 14 years ago , my life changed forever!  at 09:05 am... my best friend, enemy, critic, joker, companion, partner, adviser, junior (my senior too some times! ) all in short my sweetest  little sister entered my life! and nothing was the same again. I still remember when I saw her first....she was probably 1/3 rd my size(I was 3 then)yet  the cutest  creature ever alive on this earth!! She complimented me ever since the beginning. I remember how my relatives would take my permission to meet my  little sister! ... I used to be the Boss in charge! :P:P:P even In my friends circle , I loved to introduce her to them, I always used to  be in the lime light! all thanks to her.

As small kids, we used to fight a lot! ..almost on anything and every thing , we don't need a reason to fight! also we can turn  from foe to friends again in an instant..that too again for no reason what so ever! through out my childhood she was my constant companion !...why ??? well ...she used to have a fight with all the friends I made....and finally I , the ' elder sister' her 'protective wall' would have to fight with them all too protect my ' innocent ' sister!!!! hahahaha honestly I used to be so cross with her!! (hell, who wont be  under such a scenario..Imagine  you just made friends with someone about 10 min. ago and now you are fighting with her!, probably punching her too! ) It was always this way, I was her body guard, and she mine!

But even a decade later nothing much has changed except , her previously  plumier cheeks are now skinny , she is now  as tall as I am! and she has now got her own different set of  friends ..... except all of stated above ..every thing is the same.she is pretty as ever,. we still fight over petty things , and are still each; others best friends for life .!!!!!!!

we cant live without each other ,and we need no one when we are together!. I can write this on a stamp paper as a proof if you want! :P

ohk, now leaving the praises apart she tuns 14  today I would like to share the card I made for her:-

 this is the cover look!

the " HAPPY BIRTHDAY" note opens up in to this.. :-

 ah! m so careless, I guess a oil stain appeared up there some how! ...I don't know though ' how' !  finally, this is what is inside..

Inside these words are inscribed which were pen down by my sweet friend SIS( thank you so much, his blog  few miles )

she is a bliss, born
in this world as my sister
to colour my life

kindness and sweetness
and many more made you a
special sister

caring, love and loyal
I admire in you always,
and cherish them too

I want you to know
that each year my feelings grew
I'm fortunate, smile

Warm thoughts and wishes
I'm sending it to you, May
all your dreams come true

Wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Dear mallaika,
you are the best Gift God has ever given me, and he ever can! :D

school girl


  1. Happy Birthday To you Dear Mallaika :)
    May you get the best of what you deserve..

    Beautiful birthday Card...Loved it!
    And beautiful words by Saravana :)
    Wow! Super creation and cute surprise ...

    Sweet sisters .. Loved the way you shared :)
    Thank you!
    My best wishes Malliaka , you and ur family !

  2. Happy Birthday dear Mallaika... and oh oh.. even you would've been in that size only when you born.. I loved it totally and happy to see my quotes there.. Smiles...

    and thank you little one..

    Someone is Special