Sunday, 15 April 2012

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Dear diary

I would have written about the lovely rainy last night, or about the beautiful sunny morning or about the mesmerizing cactus flowers that bloomed up in my garden today (and that too two of them ! isn't it wonderful!they are so precious and live only for a day) if my father hadn't struck up this conversation with me last afternoon. What he did was share a short yet meaningful story with me.well this is how it goes like:

Once upon a time there lived a very old man near a village. Fables of his knowledge were wide spread in the vicinity .  Villagers often used to approach him with their problems , questions with hope of an apt solution, which they always received. In the village lived a farmer named Jeevanlal who didn't like the importance given to the old man .He always doubted his wisdom and left no opportunity to let him down ,in which  off course he never succeeded!
one day the farmer thought of a plan to insult the old man. He thought to carry a little bird in his palm and then question the old man what was is containing. ' A bird' he knew would come the reply. Then he would ask if it was alive or dead!. If the old man would reply 'alive' he would kill the bird in the fist and if the reply would be 'dead' he would release the bird alive!! In this way none of his answers would be correct.

With the said intentions he went to the old man  and indeed the reply to the first question was 'a bird'. Then the farmer asked if it was alive or not

 " As you wish, the life is in your hands"came the reply with a smile.
Moral of the story is that life lies in our own hands we can let it live,bloom or destroy it. Its our own decision .

Ah! I couldnt agree more with him!! how well he said ..yet I have always believed that our life is also a reflection of people we interact with. they always influence our life in one or other way! isn't it so?? I mean or friends or teachers , or relatives etc etc! they always leave a mark on us, good or bad that's different! With times they may leave us yet their impressions always remain somewhere in our life.


Life is  wet patch of sand.
People may come and go
"impressions" of their transient feet
 remain forever

school girl


  1. Ms. School girl, I love your new blog, look and particularly the moral of the story... very true.. My Fav's for the coming week's pick..

    Someone is Special

    1. :D:D:D:D
      thanks a lot! ...yup i loved its look too!! :D

      so happy to be one of the fav's of the week!! thanks!!

  2. Thoughtful one..
    Liked the conversation through which you conveyed your words beautifully.

    Keep writing ..
    You are going great :)

  3. hmm....glad that you liked it!!
    thank you! :)


  4. GO ahead school girl...!!!
    You are amazing :D