Wednesday, 2 May 2012

glass container (page 7)

source: ruhani's blog
Hi diary

this pic reminds me of one of my childhood incident.

I guess I must have been 4 or 5 .mmm may  be 6 at that time , and I loved visiting my grandparents house. Well mostly because of the mysterious ' store' house there. It was a dark and gloomy kind of place , with a small vent in the wall high above that allowed light inside.Even today I wonder that how does that place keeps on upgrading things in it, every time I visit it , I have something new to discover.You can guess that I wasnt allowed to enter that room , well that's what made it 'mysterious' right ?
Ok, It was a nice sunny afternoon , when I went on my treasure hunt ,when every one was sleeping.And right when  I entered , You bet , I saw a Beautiful glass container on one of the higher shelves of the store.
And my heart skipped a beat , and my mind stared making its plans on how to reach the self up. I had to reach it some how. I had to take the Glass container. It was so beautiful . It had to have something really really Very beautiful in it. Well ,that why it was kept up there,out of the reach of every one.I started brain storming. I had to leave no trace of my visit here. It had to be clean as possible, like always.After giving up all  the plans ( which were next to perfect, not perfect) I  decided to climb up the shelf it self to reach there.

And then it happened , just when I had picked up the container , I slipped . And then down went I , smashing two things together , the container ,and a few of my bones I guess. I shouted for help .,and the rest is history . Do I really need to tell you what happened after that ??

And the worst  part ? The container was empty!!!!
 Damn all my efforts were in vain. Plus the  scolding and the pain , were the cherry on the icing.

'the forbidden fruit is not always sweet'
 Thats what I learnt that  day . Since then I make It a point not to be tempted by the forbidden fruit.
And believe me, I have been successful In it , well almost

school girl


  1. Stories are more beautiful if shared. :)

  2. Lovely share :-)

    Such incidents are good to be happen and accumulates a special kind of memory that reminds each time ...

    Happy you learnt something worth through that incident :-)
    Keep writing and sharing with us!

  3. And yes, I missed to mention Wow! for the changes you made here. It's looking much better now. Will suggest you to arrange the gadgets in convenient way ... :-)

  4. 'the forbidden fruit is not always sweet' - agreed.. thanks for the share school girl.. keep writing!